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Working with me, you'll find personalized feedback, 1-on-1 live coaching sessions, and get advice from all the lessons I've learned after 15+ years in this business, hosting for brands like these.


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Best for just getting started. Download my 10-Step Talent Toolkit or listen to my series of Expert Interviews with other hosts in the industry. 

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If you already have some experience, this is the place for you: thorough and highly specific feedback on hosting reels, on-air delivery, websites,  and resumes.

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From my first radio gig in the Alaska Baseball League to hosting for The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon, and the New York Mets, I started broadcasting professionally in 2005 and have done everything in the industry since. Now I want to give you the help I never had, to make your hosting career take off!

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You can take a look at all the different services I offer in one place right here. But if you're still unsure what's best for you, let's talk first! Send me an email so I can learn a little more about you. Tell me where you're at with your hosting, what goals you have, and your favorite pizza topping (that one's optional and totally unnecessary, I just like to get to know who I'm working with).


As someone still very much active in media, I'm having new experiences in this business all the time.

Enter my blog.

Here, I'll share open gigs that maybe aren't right for me, but could be great for you; new lessons I learn on the job; and observations from the always-changing world of media as industry news happens.

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Michelle Margaux

Anchor: SNY

Mike is one of the most talented individuals I've ever worked with! His natural ability to make people feel comfortable, matched with his incredible ad-lib skills, is a combination every on-air host strives for. I still take advice on my career from him today!


Adam Duxter

Anchor: WISC-TV

You gave me some of the most in-depth feedback of anyone I've ever worked with. It really was the time you clearly took to look through everything that showed me you cared and were taking it seriously. You really have no idea how much that means to me. Everything you said makes so much sense.

Morgan Glicksman

Broadcast Journalism student

Mike’s feedback is detailed, honest, realistic and beyond helpful! He’s consistently given me great advice and the confidence to continue to purse opportunities in the entertainment hosting world. If you’re looking for personalized critiques, career guidance or anything in between, Mike’s your guy!


If you're interested in me hosting or appearing in your next project or live event, I'm still working all the time. Visit MikeJanela.com for reels, samples, a full bio, and all the rest. Or email me at [email protected]