You're Still Here?

Oct 13, 2021

This is the last entry of the blog on this site (for now). But before saying goodbye (again: just to this section of the site; all the coaching stuff is definitely alive and well), I'm going to turn this into one more lesson.

So if you're the one person who's been reading this blog for as long as I've written it, you might remember an earlier post where I said I would try to be better and stick to my plan of updating it weekly. And if you're that same person, you might've noticed I failed to uphold my oath, skipping the last couple weeks.

Well, I've decided to stop updating the blog. For a few reasons:

  1. I'm not sure anybody actually reads it. I asked a couple times in posts to hit me up on social media and let me know if you were reading these/getting anything out of them. Never heard from anybody. Hell, I might be the only person who ever ends up reading this very sentence I'm writing right now. If content is created, but there's no consumer to consume it, does it even exist?
  2. I started running out of things to talk about without cannibalizing other teachings of mine. The old thing about the cow and the milk for free. I'd rather save some of my most helpful lessons to help hosts with their individual skillsets and situations. I found on the blog that, trying to draw lessons from my ongoing hosting career only started to repeat the lessons I have to teach you elsewhere on the site.
  3. It's not fun. Not fulfilling. Part of that goes back to Reason No. 1. If you're making stuff that nobody's enjoying, it makes it less enjoyable to make. I might as well keep a bedside journal instead. And those come in cool books. I see the little reminder notification pop up on my phone every Tuesday to write that week's blog and it actually fills me with dread.

So there are my reasons. Here's my lesson -- if you find you're not getting any of the following from a job/assignment/hobby/anything, then stop it: enjoyment, fulfillment, growth.

These things can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Maybe you don't get enjoyment out of something, but it makes you feel like you have purpose. Good. Or you're not having fun or feeling challenged, but you're making money. Good. Or you might be struggling, but at least you're learning something. Good.

But once something stops helping you better yourself in any way, it becomes an anchor. Drags you down, holds you back. And that stops you from devoting time/energy/desire to other things you might actually enjoy or benefit from more. Also, like, life can suck too much to waste your time doing things that don't make you happy.

Something similar happened this year to a podcast I co-hosted. My co-host and I had done it for more than a year, dropping new episodes every week. We started it when we were both unemployed and kept it going during the pandemic because it gave us purpose. But eventually, we both started getting a ton of actual work, began rehashing topics, listenership dropped throughout Covid, and finding free time for us record became a side job in itself. We both decided to stop doing it because it wasn't bringing either of us anything anymore.

So I might come back to updating the blog at some point down the road. When I have new things to say or more people care that I have to say it or I get more fulfillment from it somehow.

But for now, I hope you enjoy the existing posts and learn something from them. And, obviously, I have a ton of ways to still share my expertise with you if you'd like to work together. I have my 10-Step Talent Toolkit and series of Expert Interviews with industry leaders if you'd like to learn at your own speed. There's the customized feedback and analysis I can give you on your resumes, reels, and cover letters. And, of course, there's the 1-on-1 Coaching we can do live, me and you.

For a guy who's talking about how he doesn't want to write a blog anymore, I'm definitely writing a lot of blog right now. So, OK, I'm out! But I hope we get to work together in some capacity, so click on those links or you can always hit me up at [email protected]

K that's it for real now. See ya and happy hosting!


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